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Year-end debriefing exhibition, performing duties and seeking new articles.
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On January 12, 2024, Galont Petroleum Group organized the 2023 annual debriefing meeting of gas station directors in the first conference room of the company headquarters. Du Yongsheng, Chairman of Gallente Petroleum Group, Du Hao, General Manager, Tian Fang, Chief Financial Officer, Han Wanchen, Director of Human Resources, Wang Dongwang, Operation Manager of Gas Station, Tian Yao, Marketing Director of Gas Station, and stationmasters of gas stations attended the meeting. 

The meeting heard the work report in the gas station and the work plan for the new year. The stationmasters of each gas station reported their work in turn, comprehensively, objectively and deeply expounded and analyzed the operation and management of gas stations in 2023 by listing data, making comparisons and giving examples, and summarized the shortcomings and personal growth and learning plans, and then reported the work plan for the next year in detail. 

Tian Yulin, the stationmaster of Beijing Qingyun Xinglong Gas Station, mainly analyzed the annual work in 2023 from the aspects of sales data (oil products and non-oil products), outreach work, safety management, team building and personnel management. The stationmaster Tian analyzes the sales in the station month by month, compares and analyzes the order data of third-party platforms, and investigates the surrounding competing brands to provide data support for the next sales work in the station. At the same time, stationmaster Tian pointed out that there are some problems in Qingyun Xinglong gas station, such as weak service awareness and lack of active marketing awareness. In view of the above situation, stationmaster Tian made a detailed report on the work plan for 2024 from the aspects of measures to increase the sales volume of oil stations, strengthening learning, uniting employees, improving the service level of employees in the station, strengthening the safety management of oil stations, and standardizing the license and file management of oil stations. 

Lu Xidong, the stationmaster of Beijing Yantong Gas Station, reported the main work in 2023 from the construction transformation and opening of the station, focusing on the work plan for 2024 from the aspects of safety management, marketing management, expense management and personnel management. Among them, stationmaster Lu particularly emphasized safety management, and analyzed the importance of safety management in detail from the aspects of file management, on-site management, emergency plan drill, staff management, standardized service, etc., and discussed the matters needing attention in safety management in the station with examples. Director Lu also emphasized the importance of staff's service consciousness, and proposed that in the next year, we will continue to strengthen the service level and service attitude of staff in the station to serve customers with "heart". Subsequently, the leaders of various departments, the general manager and the chairman of the group made exchange speeches respectively. 

Han Wanchen, director of human resources department, supports the establishment of posts, responsibilities and personnel of gas stations; Gas station personnel in and out; In 2024, in-depth communication was made on the assessment of all personnel. 

Tian Fang, the chief financial officer, especially pointed out the positioning of financial personnel, business reimbursement process, fund payment and invoicing in the gas station. This communication is conducive to further guiding the financial work in the gas station. 

Wang Dongwang, the operation manager of the gas station management department, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the two gas stations in turn and put forward the key work in 2024. Among them, Mr. Wang affirmed the image and service of Yantong Gas Station, and at the same time suggested that efforts should be made to increase sales volume and transform platform customers into members of the station. 

Du Haoken, the general manager of the group, defined the diversity and complexity of the work in the gas station, and clearly pointed out that in the work, "what should be done today, what should be done today", all staff should keep learning, serve the operation of the gas station and be responsible for the sales in the station. Stationmasters of gas stations should develop the habit of thinking and analyzing, and improve their sensitivity to data and market.

Finally, Du Yongsheng, Chairman of the Group, made a concluding speech. Mr. Du affirmed the work of all the debriefers in 2023, stressed that it is necessary to "work hard" and "perform their duties" in the work, enhance safety awareness and service awareness, and refused to be the person in charge of "being a monk every day". At the same time, we should innovate our work ideas, do complex things simply and do simple things repeatedly. As a special industry, gas stations should implement various work norms with high standards to ensure the safety and order of operation in the stations. 

In the new year, the company will continue to take various measures from the aspects of "improving service, increasing sales, ensuring safety and promoting environmental protection", take customers as the center, and adhere to the concept of "comprehensive quality service provider" to enhance market share.

When spring goes to autumn, everything wins, and mountains and waters grow, they will eventually return to Gansu. Garnett people will strive for greater development with greater enthusiasm, higher goals, more practical measures, faster speed and better results, and realize new achievements in 2024 that belong to Garnett Oil Group alone!

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