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Collaborate in innovation and create brilliance together! Huatai Petroleum and Galont Petroleum Group Looking Forward to the Future
Views:1258 Updated:2023-04-15
Recently, a delegation led by Li Dong from Beijing Huatai Lucky Petroleum Product Sales Co., Ltd. visited Galont Petroleum Group Co., Ltd. for guidance. Du Yongsheng, Chairman of Galont Petroleum Group Co., Ltd., and Du Hao, General Manager, accompanied the tour and participated in discussions and exchanges.

At the beginning of the meeting, Du Yongsheng, Chairman of Galont Petroleum, warmly welcomed the arrival of Li Dong and his delegation. In his speech, he mentioned that the group company will always uphold the values of "comprehensive and high-quality service providers", and hopes to take this opportunity to continue to maintain communication and interaction, enhance mutual understanding, and actively seek cooperation opportunities on the basis of identifying the next entry point, jointly exploring new paths for product oil trade and gas station construction, Based on a new starting point, embark on a new journey, and create new brilliance.

At the meeting, Zhou Feng, the marketing director of Galont Petroleum, introduced the development history, core business, strategic planning, and other aspects of Galont Petroleum to Li Dong and his delegation. The two sides exchanged and discussed the development of refined oil business and the construction of gas stations.

Chairman Li of Huatai Petroleum highly praised the development trend and work achievements of Galont Petroleum Group, and wished both parties success in their future cooperation, working together to create a win-win situation.

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